Brampton, Ontario – January 01, 2013 – Empack is proud to announce the launch of zytec Germ Buster, a new brand of hand sanitizer products.

The new brand is designed to offer families and businesses with an effective and affordable hand hygiene solution when soap and water are not available. The hand sanitizers will be available in clear gels, extra strength sanitizer sprays, and moisturizing care hand sanitizer lotions.

“Our program is focused on providing people with a safe alternative to disinfecting hands when hand washing is not possible. With our brand, zytec Germ Buster we intend to educate people about the risk of germ transmission and to give them the option to sanitize hands on-the-go”, says Ara Nalbandian, Vice President of Empack Spraytech Inc.

zytec Germ Buster Clear Gel hand sanitizers are available in various sizes from 60 mL flip cap to 1050 mL pump dispenser. The Extra strength sanitizer sprays offer a broad-spectrum protection against germs. The sprays are useful for disinfecting surfaces in houses, offices and at places where there is a risk of germ transmission. zytec Germ Buster sanitizer sprays are available in 35 g and 400 g spray-can. The spray is safe to be used on hands as well as other surfaces.  To see more products or get information about our retailers, please visit our website at

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