When should I use a hand sanitizer?2019-09-30T17:06:45-04:00

You should use a hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. This includes when you are traveling, in public places or at the office. As well, prior to eating, after sneezing or if sick.

Why is alcohol used in hand sanitizers?2019-09-30T17:06:00-04:00

Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol) is used as the active ingredient in hand sanitizers as it has been proven effective in killing germs and bacteria while not creating drug resistant bacteria.

How do I use a hand sanitizer?2019-09-30T17:01:29-04:00

Pour a small dollop of hand sanitizer gel or lotion into the palm of your hand and rub both hands to evenly spread the hand sanitizer. Keep rubbing until the hands are dry. For spray sanitizer, spray the product into the palm of your hand or directly onto hands and rub them thoroughly.

What type of germs will it kill?2020-09-08T11:07:48-04:00

zytec Germ Buster hand sanitizer helps prevent bacterial and viral infection with rare exceptions. Health Canada recommends the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available to protect yourself and others against illnesses.

Does using a hand sanitizer replace the need to wash your hands with soap and water?2019-09-30T16:57:25-04:00

No. It is recommended that you should regularly wash your hands with soap and water in order to keep them clean. This will also reduce the risk of illnesses caused by germs and bacteria. However, if soap and water are not available, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to effectively kill germs and bacteria.

Will alcohol-based hand sanitizers create drug resistant germs?2020-09-08T11:08:27-04:00

No. Unlike other alcohol-free hand sanitizer products, alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not contain the active ingredients associated with the development of drug-resistant bacteria.

Are your hand sanitizers government approved?2019-09-30T17:07:53-04:00

zytec Germ Buster hand sanitizers are registered as a Natural Health Product (NPN) with Health Canada. All strict guidelines and manufacturing practices including GMP are followed in the production of zytec Germ Buster products.


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